Drew Christiano

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Comcast Case Study

When Comcast wanted to improve communications with their employees and subscribers, they turned to Think Company for insight.


Sr. Experience Designer at Think Company

July 2016 – November 2016


With 120,000+ employees and over 20 million subscribers, maintaining effective communication and building relationships at Comcast is no small task. The team at Think Company was brought in to work on two projects: one aimed at improving collaboration and participation on Comcast's employee intranet ComcastNow, and the other utilizing company-wide data to create a timeline of a subscriber’s service interactions, to identify patterns and provide key insights into a customer’s relationship with Comcast.

My Roles

As a Sr. Experience Designer for Think Company, my time was split between being on-site at Comcast and our studio in Center City, working alongside executives and engineers from Comcast’s Internal Communications and Customer Experience teams.

For each project we conducted budget-friendly research, utilizing polls and user/stakeholder interviews to better understand each audience’s unique needs. Additionally, I was responsible for comparative/competetive research, often looking out of category to identify standard practices and industry conventions; conducting UX and IA audits of our existing experiences to find gaps or opportunities for improvement; and visual/UX design for the development and implementation of new features.

Our Challenges

Having the opportunity to design for two sides of the same coin—communications with employees and subscribers—is an exciting, if not daunting, prospect. The considerations that go into each solution should have a degree of overlap, but still reflect the needs of each unique audience.

For the team at Think Company, balancing needs was our biggest challenge. Whether they were needs we identified through user research, specific requests from our project stakeholders, or features we believed could have a powerful impact, it was a constant struggle to re-align the scope of how to execute our eventual solution. Adding to the challenge, we’d be handing each of these respective platforms over to Comcast’s internal teams at the end of our engagement, making it even more imperative that we not only created a tightly-scoped solution, but also provided a roadmap and vision for how to carry those solutions into the future.

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