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Catching Up With Culture

The old way of doing business is over. It’s time for our jobs to become more than just the work we do.

The other night, as I sat in my living room watching the latest Game of Thrones episode for the sixth time, occasionally peeking at the dribbble shot I’d started (and abandoned), my mind wandered toward the previous day at work. I had made some good progress on a dashboard design, knocked out some functional documentation, and went out to dinner with some coworkers. Thinking about it, in my short time at 50onRed I already have countless memories and moments of which I’m proud. It’s rare to feel so much accomplishment in such a short amount of time...

Breaking Into the Industry

For designers, success doesn’t come down to luck, it comes down to strategy.

A little over a year ago, I found myself leaning against a wall on the outskirts of a design event at Artisan in Old City, Philadelphia. I was scanning the room, wondering just how all of these people got to be where they were. Here I was, some self-proclaimed UX Designer from a small pharma company tucked away in a corner of the city, and they were from places like Think Brownstone, Happy Cog, and Bluecadet. It was in that moment that I saw my future, and realized this is where I wanted to be. I wanted to know these people, to work for them, to learn from them..

Redesigning Pandora

The Quest for a Better Living Room Experience

Last year I bought my first “smart” TV. I was excited at the prospect of a Wi-Fi connected TV capable of running apps, no longer having to rely on an Xbox Live Gold membership for things like Netflix, HBOGo, and Pandora. I purchased a Samsung Smart Hub TV, assuming that with a few years under their belt of trying to bring rich media experiences to TVs, companies finally had all the kinks worked out, and were delivering mature products. Sadly, it would become painfully obvious after a few days with Pandora for Smart Hub that this was not the case...

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