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The Value of Variety

Introducing variety into our lives can have positive effects on personal and professional fulfillment.

As product designers, sometimes we aren’t afforded the opportunity to experience a great deal of variety in our daily roles — our company makes a product, and it’s our job to make that product better. That level of focus is what initially drew me to product design after spending so many years in the agency world; the idea that I could design something and then be given the opportunity to improve it over time, rather than just handing it over to a client never to be seen again, was very compelling to me. But the dilemma with that level of fixation...

Designing With Consistency

Considerations when creating a product and why designing with consistency is so important.

One of the things I love about being a product designer is the range of considerations that go into every decision. There are countless factors to deliberate that contribute to the success of a product, but one of my favorites may also be the most seemingly mundane: consistency. Consistency is the glue holding a design together. Without it, everything starts feeling disjointed and out of place...

The Cost of Making Clients Happy

Common client requests and the effects of always saying “yes”.

As anybody who’s ever worked at a small design agency probably knows, the client is always right. Well, except when they‘re not. They certainly can be sometimes, but the unfortunate reality is too many agencies feel they have to do everything they’re told, no matter what, or risk losing their clients. Sure, it’s true that some clients may react negatively to suddenly not always getting their way, but let’s be honest, are these really the kind of people you want to be doing work for?

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